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#WTW #Banger @YoungProSSMG FOCUSED #Blog by @PaperChase2014

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#WTW #Banger @YoungProSSMG FOCUSED #Blog by @PaperChase2014

Houston, Texas rapper and business man Young Pro has been busy and FOCUSED. The emcee has been releasing dope music he often produces and makes the cover art for as well. One such example is the overlooked single “Focused”. Whitey uses the word overlooked not as a shot at Young Pro and the views and sales to date but because the song is worthy of much more success. The rapper has been working to fix that problem. Too many artists today just create music and thats it. In today’s world that is not going to get you any love from no major labels or even good indie. You need to work. And the emcee, producer, father and much more has been doing just that in the pursuit of his dream.

Zulu God's new single "Fuk Da System" out now on "Support Street Radio Vol.1"

Zulu God’s new single “Fuk Da System” out now on “Support Street Radio Vol.1”

His most recent project “Support Street Radio Vol.1” is a compilation LP the CEO put together featuring artists and producers from across the country. So the emcee is not only working double time as a producer and art guy but he is running a label, putting together compilation LP’s, doing a radio show, raising kids, working a Full time Job, shooting videos and throwing shows. That is what labels want to see. Take a listen to some of his new work. He has a new video “From The Runway” coming out soon. Clearly the rapper is “Focused” hopefully his work pays off!

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“From The Runway” Audio via Youtube and Empire Distribution.

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