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*NEW VIDEO ALERT* Lil Onehunnet(Watts,Ca) ft Eddo Gz "We Dont Keep the Door Locc"#BestHoodVideoOfSummer16 please comment like and share to your page help this go viral!


We're Sweatshop & Owl Green out of San Francisco, CA, a pair of young emcee's pairing boom-bap rhythms with new age synthesis coated in witty lyrics emphasizing a self deprecating sense of humor founded in brutal honesty.

Links to our newest EP, Malt is Life, as well as the video for our lead single "I Know" are below, we'd love to know what you think!

Thank you,

Chris & Steve

Insta- @maltislife @mc_owlgreen

twitter: @sweatshopsteve  @AlphaBit1of3  


Bishup ft. Jesse Lynn - Don't Stop Mad

song produced by grammy winner Fran Cathcart video dir. Nell Teare

Bishup is one of those rare Midwest finds as in the likes of Bone Thugs, Nelly and Kanye. Bishup brings a unique flow and personality that is not congruent to the Hip Hop majority.
In his travels, Bishup’s desire for the fresh and new turned into thirst for his place in the world. Within his mental desert, a mirage symbolizing music appeared and changed his life forever.
        Bishup lived in Atlanta, New York, The Bay Area, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago,London and now reside in Berlin Germany. While promoting around the country and across the pond, Bishup has come to be known as The Traveling Salesman.
  With the expertise of Grammy award winning producer, Fran Cathcart and Bishup created their own sound of hiphop While living in Los Angeles in 2005 Bishup became a victim of random gun fire. The bullet went through his neck, then his spinal cord and finally lodged itself in his shoulder. This injury left him paralyzed from the neck down.
Despite his diagnosis, Bishup persevered and gained some feeling and slight movement within three months of the accident. With the will of a champion, Bishup began to walk after a years time.
Once back on his feet, Bishup got back to working on his album between physical therapy sessions. 
The Traveling Salesman is meant to give you a look into the world of an Artist, a Man, and thee Brand on a journey to success.


This is a live performance of the first single "Countdown" by "Mega Powers" shot by Nickel City Blend. An upbeat classic hip-hop influenced song with an updated sound. Ideal is the MC & jacebeats is the producer both based in Buffalo, NY. This will be featured on the upcoming project "0equals1".



Mega Powers


dont make me (the artist) pay for you sitting through shitty submissions.