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"Trenches" featuring Mozzy, Lil Yee and Lil DG drops FRIDAY the 13th!

“Trenches” featuring Mozzy, Lil Yee and Lil DG drops FRIDAY the 13th!

Lil DG out of Fairfield, California has made a splash today. The 15 year old rapper from the Grande Circle part of the city announced the release of his first record earlier today, he followed that up with the announcement of his second release titled “Trenches” dropping on Friday the 13th! So in 2 days the YG went from having no records out, to two singles and that aint even the best part. See “Trenches” features the hottest rapper on the west coast in Mozzy and a name everyone will know by the end of 2016 Lil Yee from San Francisco, Fillmore area. This a dope record and a good look for a young emcee with a nice fan base. Take a spin of both tracks and Pre-Order at midnight!

If you have never heard Lil Yee go listen to his feature on the new single below with Boo Banga and Mozzy “Field Trip”. Or Youtube his name and youll see he got VIEWS!

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"Chasin Chicken" by Lil DG

“Chasin Chicken” by Lil DG

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