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#WTW #Video – Homeless Man Chad Smith #Singing – DOLLAR or a DIME – Change My Life

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I Met this Homeless man named CHAD SMITH in 2008 in HOLLYWOOD. His story is one of courage. He packed a bag of personnel things with his guitar and with the blessings of his family headed out to HOLLYWOOD without a place a job or a real plan other then hope to get heard by the right person and make HISTORY. He lives day to day on the money he generates on the Streets of HOLLYWOOD playing his music and singing to the people. The day I met him I was in HOLLYWOOD and heard him singing sounded incredible and it sounded like it was original. He was virtually freestyle singing as people would walk by and then break off into this songs hook Dollar or a Dime at that moment I knew this was something special. I thought I would share the video of a performance of this song we did a few years ago.