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Coast is definitely taking Southern hip-hop in bold, innovative new directions with his mix-albums. He releases, “Hello”, the first track and video from his newest “Thinkin’ Out Loud 3: The Other Side of my Heart,” released today. In completing the Thinkin’ Out Loud trilogy, he delivers a finale made up of deep heartfelt tracks that reach fans on a totally different level. It delivers music that many people can really feel and relate to in their everyday lives.

“”The new mixtape, TOL3: The Other Side Of My Heart, is a transitional body of work that should effectively blur the boundaries of the type of artist that everyone THOUGHT I was. My main objective has always been to inspire those who follow behind me and if I were to ever leave a legacy, it would be one that promotes creativity without fear of being different. “There are countless genres that are covered under the umbrella of “music”. I’ve studied them as best as I could so that I could give you my interpretation of what I think music is.”, explains Coast.

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